Future-proof your Salesforce investment with Axsy’s 100% offline-first, off-the-shelf,
cross-platform mobile apps

Rapidly adapt to changes in business processes in any industry via Salesforce-native no-code customisation tools

Our offline-first Salesforce-native mobile solutions

Field Service

Empower your field technicians with mobile access to Field Service Lightning

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Retail Execution

As a Supplier, ensure high-value visits and increase your team's productivity and focus with a mobile solution powered by Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud

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Emergency Response

Help field responders get their job done with Emergency Response powered by Salesforce Work.com

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Powered by Salesforce

When your mobile workforce needs access to Salesforce under all network conditions, good or bad, and Salesforce’s own mobile apps can’t meet those needs, Axsy is your offline-first, easily customisable, mobile enterprise solution for iOS, Android and Windows 10

The only mobile app you need

Axsy connects seamlessly to Salesforce with an easily customisable experience across all mobile devices, thanks to our use of React Native technology

Simple yet sophisticated

An Enterprise app with a consumer-level ease-of-use, which works offline to let you do business wherever you are

Stay talking to the cloud

Axsy keeps you connected to the Salesforce platform for reliable and accurate data while on-the-go

Zero-code adaptability

The Axsy app is built on top of Standard Salesforce objects and comes with out-of-the-box support for Salesforce's own zero-code customisations such as page layouts and Mobile Flow

Sell mobile, service better, get paid fast.

  • Offline
  • Cross Mobile
  • Powered by
  • Easily
  • Built-in Payment