Cloud Mobile Point-of-Sale

Simple and easy payments

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Better engage with your customers

Improve sales by getting out from behind the counter

  • Empower salespeople to perform in-aisle checkout, reducing queues and the amount of floor space dedicated to cashier lanes

  • Provide customer service on-the-spot, with catalogues, pricing and stock levels at your fingertips

  • Connect your mobile device to optional hardware for a more conventional retail point-of-sale option

Sell directly to your customers

Move beyond brick-and-mortar and sell in-home and on-premise

  • Easily accept card payments and issue electronic receipts from your mobile device

  • Provide the flexibility to pay later with electronic invoicing and online payment options

  • Works offline, so you’re not restricted by unreliable internet access while on the road

Deliver an omni-channel experience

Allow customers to easily start their journey online, and complete it in-store

  • Integrate with your existing systems-of-record for sales, service and inventory

  • Seamlessly start orders online and complete them in-store

  • Bring up online sales history and profiles in-store, providing a 360-degree view of your customers

A secure payment solution that's flexible

Your choice of payment providers for EMV and online payments

  • Flexibility to switch your payment provider with no change to the user experience

  • Ability to quickly integrate to additional payment processors

  • Axsy is PCI-DSS Certified


Our Offices

We have operating offices in London and Toronto