Axsy Chat

An enterprise-grade solution

Replace employee-use of consumer messaging apps like WhatsApp with a collaboration app that meets your security, control and compliance requirements

Be more productive

with Axsy Chat

  • Exchange ideas and insights with others in real-time
  • Collaborate on sales opportunities, accounts, cases and work orders
  • Create groups to help achieve common goals

Secure and reliable team collaboration

Axsy Chat is powered by Salesforce Chatter, which means it comes with the protection, trust, compliance and dependability of the Salesforce Platform that your company already relies on

Share what matters

  • Be an expert, or seek help from those who are
  • Share photos and files when words aren’t enough
  • Celebrate your achievements and spread the praise

A modern mobile experience

  • Built for mobile, so it works even when offline
  • An innovative experience designed for collaboration
  • At a coffee shop, on-site with the customer, in a productive from any location

The only mobile app you need

Axsy connects seamlessly to Salesforce with an easily customisable experience across all mobile devices, thanks to our use of React Native technology

Connect your employees

Foster teamwork, cooperation and collaboration with an easy-to-use, enterprise-grade solution that is powered by Salesforce Chatter and the security and reliability of the Salesforce Platform