Field Service

Work better with an offline-first mobile app that is optimised for the field

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Ready for your service appointments

  • Easy to use app ensures the information you need to do your job is always at your fingertips

  • Seamless integration to Salesforce Field Service Lightning ensures data accuracy

  • Provide better customer service with the confidence that you’re working with reliable and up-to-date data


Ready for any network condition

  • Works fully offline

  • View and edit data even without an internet connection

  • Automatic management of connectivity so you don’t have to remember to sync under unreliable conditions


Ready for your business processes

  • One app for all your users

  • Configuration allows for easily tailoring of the app to different usage scenarios based on a user’s profile

  • Deploy new process driven experiences and customisations in days, not months


Ready for any device

  • Supported on all major device operating systems: Windows 10, iOS and Android

  • An optimised user experience for each device form factor: phone, tablet or laptop

  • Allow users to work with their preferred device


Ready for payments

  • Accept face-to-face card payments

  • Electronic invoicing allows customers to pay online at their convenience

  • Automatic reconciliation of payments to the relevant service appointment or work order


Our Offices

We have operating offices in London and Toronto