Public Sector

Efficiently mobilise the resources of your government agencies

Provide fast and effective guidance to your inspection and emergency response teams with Axsy's offline-first mobile app, powered by Salesforce Public Sector Solutions

Allocate people and resources where they're needed most

  • Provide your field teams with easy access to their visit schedules
  • Travel efficiently with mapping and navigation
  • Leverage the intelligence of the Salesforce Platform and Public Sector Solutions

Get the job done in any network condition

  • Review any important instructions for each visit
  • Run through the key tasks that need completing
  • Works fully offline, in any situation

Perform guided assessments with smart surveys and forms

  • Dynamic questionnaires that change and adapt in real-time as they are filled out
  • Design forms with easy-to-use, no-code tools
  • Rapidly deploy new forms to users as situations change and needs adapt

The only mobile app you need

Axsy connects seamlessly to Salesforce with an easily customisable experience across all mobile devices, thanks to our use of React Native technology

Zero-code adaptability

The Axsy app is built on top of Standard Salesforce objects and comes with out-of-the-box support for Salesforce's own zero-code customisations, such as page layouts and Mobile Flow

Stay connected to your team

  • Facilitate collaboration and coordination with Salesforce Chatter
  • Receive and share important news and updates while in the field
  • Ask questions and see public responses

An effective tool for organising your teams in the field

Deploy your inspection and emergency response teams where they need to be and guide them through visit execution with the Axsy Public Sector mobile app, powered by Salesforce Public Sector