Retail Execution

Drive the productivity of
your field sales team

Axsy’s Salesforce no-code, offline-first mobile app, helps transform Consumer Goods Cloud into a
best-in-class solution for Retail Execution

Save time planning your schedule and visits

  • Access to your daily, weekly and monthly agenda simplifies your schedule planning
  • Mapping and navigation so you can optimise your travel time
  • Seamless integration to Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud ensures data accuracy

Stay focused on your priority activities

  • Track the work tasks that need completing on your visits
  • Check inventory, manage promotions, and verify planograms
  • Leverage Einstein Vision and the power of AI to complete your work more efficiently

Sell smarter with guided surveys and forms

  • Easily design large complex forms with a drag-and-drop tool
  • Create surveys with dynamic logic and diverging paths that help guide the user
  • Increased productivity with a mobile experience designed for less screens and less clicks

Communicate and collaborate with your team

  • Real-time collaboration powered by Salesforce Chatter
  • Receive notifications and key updates from the back office
  • Share visit outcomes with your team while still on-the-go

The only mobile app you need

Axsy connects seamlessly to Salesforce with an easily customisable experience across all mobile devices, thanks to our use of React Native technology

Zero-code adaptability

The Axsy app is built on top of Standard Salesforce objects and comes with out-of-the-box support for Salesforce's own zero-code customisations, such as page layouts and Mobile Flow

Make interactions with your customers count

  • Review account details and notes so you can be prepared for each visit
  • Easy access to key documents such as product brochures and merchandising planograms
  • Works fully offline, so your visits aren't derailed by lack of network connectivity

Increase the productivity of your field sales team

Make all your visits high-value by better engaging with your customers and staying focused on your key in-store activities with Axsy's Retail Execution powered by Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud