Smart Forms

Easily design dynamic forms and surveys that guide your teams in the field

Axsy Smart Forms comes included with all of our offline-first, cross-platform, mobile apps powered by Salesforce

Add branching rules to lead users through the right path

  • Incorporate skip logic with formulas that can adapt a Smart Form in real-time
  • Simplify data capture by only presenting the sections and questions that are relevant to the job
  • Loop through sets of questions to capture recurring data

Ensure data integrity and correctness

  • Check provided data through validation rules
  • Calculate default values for questions based on previous answers
  • Easily review and edit answers before submission

Design Smart Forms with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface

  • Build and create with a "What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get" Designer
  • Intuitively create pages and sections and populate them with questions
  • Deploy updates with one-click through Smart Form version control

Work offline and in any network condition

Smart Forms are fully integrated with Axsy's suite of offline-first, cross-platform, Salesforce-native mobile apps

Include visual information when words are not enough

  • Upload photos from your camera or photo library with geo-location data included
  • Collect digital signatures from customers and approvers
  • Visually callout key information, actions and warnings¬†for users to address

Easily integrate Smart Forms with your data

  • Map questions in a Smart Form to fields within Salesforce
  • Pre-fill answers using historical data
  • Create and update records based on the collected info and create meaningful reports

Increase productivity with a mobile experience
designed for fewer screens and fewer clicks

Create sophisticated mobile surveys and forms with dynamic logic and branching answer-paths that help guide the user