Stock Ordering + Cloud POS

Grow your business

Be agile with a single app that allows you to collect payments from your customers and keep you connected to your suppliers

Simple checkout experience

  • Easily scan products into a customer’s basket
  • Accept card or cash payments
  • Keep track of previous sales history

Order new stock directly from your suppliers

  • Real-time product catalogue and prices from each supplier
  • Orders show up immediately in each supplier’s Salesforce system
  • Pay your suppliers direct from your bank account

The only mobile app you need

Axsy connects seamlessly to Salesforce with an easily customisable experience across all mobile devices, thanks to our use of React Native technology

Keep on-top of your inventory

  • Track your stock levels across multiple locations
  • View sales trends for each product
  • Supplier orders can be added to stock with one-click

Real-time and relevant notifications

  • Stay up-to-date on what matters to your business
  • Alerts when products are low in stock
  • Learn about promotions direct from your suppliers

A secure payment solution that's flexible

Your choice of payment providers for EMV and online payments
  • Flexibility to switch your payment provider with no change to the user experience
  • Ability to quickly integrate to additional payment processors.
  • Axsy is PCI-DSS Certified

Make your business an agile one

Service your customers and stay connected to your suppliers with Axsy